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Child Support

How much will I have to pay in child support?
Child support is determined by a formula established by Florida statutes. The formula considers both parties’ incomes, allowable deductions, daycare, and medical insurance premiums. The timesharing each party exercises may or may not affect the child support amount.
What is an income deduction order?
An income deduction order allows the recipient parent of child support to be paid directly by the paying parent’s employer through payroll deductions. The payment may be sent directly to the recipient parent or processed through the State Disbursement Unit, which offers different payment options, including direct deposit, check, or pre-paid card.
I have a child support case and I have an attorney assigned to me through the State Attorney’s Office. Is that enough to defend me on my case?
If you have a child support case, the parent seeking support may have attorney assigned to their case for collection of child support, but they will not represent you in establishing or modifying parental responsibility, timesharing, or other parenting issues related to your children. Their sole focus is to collect child support on behalf of the minor child.