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What is alimony?
Alimony is when one spouse must give another spouse money during or after a divorce to help with their living expenses. The person who is earning the most money out of the two is usually the one that must pay alimony. There are several types of alimony, ranging from temporary to permanent. The amount and duration of alimony is determined by one spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. This only applies to legally married parties, not individuals who are dating, co-parenting, or cohabitating.
What is Equitable Distribution? Do I really have to give my husband/wife half of my retirement account?
In a divorce, Florida law requires that all assets and liabilities generated during the marriage be distributed fairly. The court will consider when the item was acquired, how it was acquired, and the value. Depending on your specific situation, this may or may not mean that you divide everything in half. How an asset or liability is divided will depend on your specific circumstances.
Should I just hire a paralegal to fill out my divorce papers?
The decision to hire an attorney is an important decision that you should not take lightly. A paralegal can only assist in filing out documents but cannot provide you with legal advice. It is against the law for a paralegal to tell you what you should select on a divorce form or to tell you the legal consequences of your choices. Remember, paralegals are not lawyers. 
Whether you have a contested case or a have an agreement with your spouse that needs to put into written, the benefit of having an attorney is that you will be informed of what your rights and obligations are under the law and the consequences of any decisions that are made. Many times, people will agree to things without knowing what their rights are and under pressure of their spouse, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT SPEAKING TO AN ATTORNEY FIRST. 
Can I hire an attorney after my cases has started?
Yes, you can seek legal advice and/or hire an attorney even if you filed the initial divorce documents other family case and now need the help of an attorney.