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What is mediation?
Mediation is an effective way to negotiate a settlement of your assets, liabilities, alimony, custody, timesharing, child support, and any other issues involved in your family case. Since every family is different, mediation is the opportunity to reach an agreement with your spouse where you can create specific solutions that work for your family as whole and can incorporate your family’s moral or religious considerations that a judge may not be able to order under the law. 
How much does mediation cost?
In a family case, you have the option of choosing private mediation or in-house court mediation. The price of private mediation varies, but it is usually an hourly rate, starting at $200 per hour, and the parties or the court may decide the share each party is responsible for you. The mediation fee is paid directly to the mediator. The court’s in-house mediation is a flat fee, usually $60 or $120 paid by each party, but the ability to be referred to this type of mediation and the fee is based on the parties’ incomes.
Should I hire an attorney if I want a divorce through mediation?
It is recommended that you attend mediation with an attorney so that you know the consequences of your decisions, even if you believe that you and your spouse will be able to reach an agreement. Sometimes parties know how they want to divide their property, but do not know what are their options regarding timesharing with the children and child support. Before you sign a marital settlement agreement, you should consult an attorney.